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Kid Cudi Provides Insight On His New Album

Kid Cudi sent out some tweets earlier today about his up coming Indicud album, which Cudi said would be his version of Dr Dre’s The Chronic 2001.

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Tea Time W/ Noire Femme Queen Bey Blesses Kim Kardashian With Her Presence

Welp. Kim Kardashian finally nagged Kanye enough and got the chance to hang out with Beyonce. Isn’t she lucky?

Come have a sip of some hot tea

New Music Video: Kanye West – “Mercy” Ft. Big Sean, 2 Chainz, & Pusha T

The moment G.O.O.D. music fans have been waiting for has arrived, no not the release of the compilation album, the video for their first single “Mercy,” dropped  today. The  song, which features Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T, and the newest G.O.O.D. Music signee, 2 Chainz. This is the second video that Yeezy has dropped in the past week, as he and Jay Z dropped the video for “No Church in the Wild,” check it out here.

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[VIDEO] Jay Z & Kanye West Perform “Niggas In Paris” IN PARIS!!!

For the first time EVER, on the European leg of their, Watch the Throne Tour, Kanye West and Jay Z  performed their hit single “Niggas In Paris,” in the city the song was named after. Not sure how many times they performed it, but the  Parisien people absolutely ate it up!

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New Music Video: Jay Z & Kanye West – “No Church In The Wild” (Ft. Frank Ocean)

Kanye West and Jay Z are back with the newest video from their Grammy nominated, platinum selling, Watch the Throne, album, “No Church in the Wild,” (ft. Frank Ocean). The video is total madness, it’s a big ass riot between the police and the people.

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Tea Time W/ Noire Femme: Weekend Round-Up! Jennifer Hudson Gets Justice, Jay Z Gets A Summer Gig, & Is His New Protege Rita Orr Dating Rob Kardashian?

J.Hud gets justice. New Couple Alert. And Jay-Z’s summer job!

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Hump Day Round Up! Kanye Thinks Kim K. Is His Beyonce? & J. Lo Gets Her Boy Toy A New Ride

After his riviting appearance on BET’s 106th and Park yesterday, news is coming out the Kanye West think Kim Kardashian is the Beyonce to his Jay Z? Also J. Lo bought a new whip for her boy toy Casper. Also find out what Khole thinks of Kim and Yeezy together.

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Jay Z, Beyonce Crazy Love 4 Years

Though we’re still not even sure they’re legally married considering no one has seen wedding pics or a marriage certificate, happy 4th anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. Carter!

[VIDEO] Behind The Scenes Of The ‘Watch The Throne’

Kanye West and Jay Z dropped another behind the scenes video from their ‘Watch the Throne Tour.” In the video you see their team working on fixing the mistakes from the previous nights show, including the bass shorting out some of the lights.

Check Out The Video

[VIDEO] Katy Perry Covers “Ni**as in Paris” at BBC’s Radio 1 Studio

Katy Perry gave Jay Z and Kanye West‘s, “Ni**as in Paris,” her best college try Monday morning at BBC’s Radio 1 studio. BBC has a tradition in which visiting artists choose a song to cover and Perry picked ‘Paris.’

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