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Kid Cudi Provides Insight On His New Album

Kid Cudi sent out some tweets earlier today about his up coming Indicud album, which Cudi said would be his version of Dr Dre’s The Chronic 2001.

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[PHOTOS] 50 Cent Hospitalized After Overnight Car Accident

50 Cent

50 Cent was hospitalized overnight after getting into an accident with a semi truck. 50’s bulletproof SUV was rear-ended after the semi truck driver said his load shifted which caused him to lose control.

Some of the pictures showed 50 lying on a stretcher and the damage that was caused to both vehicles. He was taken to the nearest Queens hospital where they performed tests on his neck and back. Check out the pictures below, via’s General Manager, Corentin.

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The Game Seeks Forgiveness from 50 Cent

The Game took to his personal Facebook page on Saturday seeking forgiveness from 50 Cent, thanks for special correspondent, Jordan Montoya. The comment was sent from Game’s personal page to 50’s Fan Page, which is pictured below:

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50 Cent Announces The Release Date For His New Album

50 Cent took to Twitter page yesterday to announce the release date of his new album, I’m not sure how much excitement or build up there is for it, as it has been a while since 50’s music was relevant. His last album, Before I Self Destruct, debuted at #5 on the Billboard 200, with first sales of 160,000, and has been certified gold, but only sold 436,000 copies to date.

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50 Cent Will Perform ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’ Album in Entirety, for the First Time

50 Cent will perform the 8x platinum Get Rich or Die Tryin’ at the South by Southwest music festival next week in Austin, TX. According to, this will be the first time 50 performs all of the songs at the same time.

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[UPDATED] 50 Cent Sends Out Weird Tweets, Doesn’t Think He Will Live Much Longer.

Just hours after announcing a partnership with Pepsi for his new Street King energy shots, 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, sent out a series of bizarre tweets, taking shots at his Record Label (again), but he also sent out a bizarre tweet saying he doesn’t think he will live much longer.

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Thoughts Of A Jeanius New Music Tuesday: 50 Cent – “Put Your Hands Up” & Busta Rhymes Ft. Twista – “Can You Keep Up”

(Photo By: Chase Greene)

This week for New Music Tuesday, Cody picked new 50 Cent, even though I think it might be time for him to claim his position as an entrepreneur and put the mic down. I chose quite possibly the fastest song you will hear for a while Busta Rhymes ft. Twista, it’s no Busta and Mystical, which is you’ve never heard that song go look it up!

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50 Cent is the Street King

50 Cent is making headlines today and I’ll bet you won’t be able to guess how. 50 has announced the launch of his new energy shot called Street King and has set a goal for himself: To feed 1 billion African children in just two-and-a-half years. Here’s 50:

“I’m really serious about it (hunger relief). So far I’ve been able to feed 2.5 million (kids), but I wanna feed a billion. When I said I’d do it in five years, I was being really conservative. I’ll do it a lot faster… I said five years because that’s (the norm) when I create a business plan, but I think I can do it in half that time.”

Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for that quote. With every shot sold, a meal will be provided for a child in need. The shot will hit stores nationwide in September and will cost between $2.49 and $2.99. “Street King” will be featured in Orange Mango and Grape flavors. The early demand for this shot has been so overwhelming that it’s already sold out in stores across the country. The high demand for this shot has enabled 50 to cut a check to United Nations officials which will feed 2.5 million kids.

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David Guetta Clears Some Things Up On Twitter **Updated**

David Guetta took to his Twitter yesterday to clear a few things up about some of his music that has leaked online in the past few weeks..

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