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Report: Brooklyn Nets are “Very Close” to Getting Dwight Howard

Jarrod Rudolph of Real GM tweeted just a few minutes ago that the Brooklyn Nets are “very close” to getting Dwight Howard. Rudolph is saying his sources told him the deal could be completed “very soon.”

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Fake Stephen A. Smith Twitter Account Reports LeBron James Tore ACL, Fools ESPN Personality

Lebron James

The cool thing to do these days is to create a fake Twitter account claiming to be someone important — Adam Schefter, the bear from ‘Ted,’ Chuck Norris, CNN, and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. The fake Stephen A. Smith — @stephenasmifh (Stephen A’s real account is @StephenASmith) —  has now fooled Twitter for the third time, including ESPN personality Andrew Brandt.

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David Pingalore Reports the Magic Head Coaching Search Narrowed Down to Two Names

Our boy David Pingalore from Local 6 is back to breaking news, or something to that effect. He is reporting that the Orlando Magic’s head coaching search was narrowed down to two candidates after learning that information from his notorious sources. Ping is reporting that the list was narrowed down to “the San Antonio Spurs number one assistant Mike Budenholzer,” and Maurice Cheeks.

A source told Ping that Budenholzer is considered the front-runner.

However, since Ping’s report, a more credible source has emerged with information that negates Ping’s latest report. Joshua Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel tweeted shortly after Ping’s report:

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According To “Sources” Dwight Howard Has Requested A Trade To The Nets

Dwight Howard

We might be coming to the end of this whole Dwight Howard drama. New Magic GM Rob Hennigan flew out to Los Angeles after the draft to meet with Dwight, where he is still recovering from back surgery, and the trade was officially requested.

Get the details to what will HOPEFULLY be the end of the story

The Houston Rockets Trying To Move Up In Draft, Possibly Trying To Acquire Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard

Could Dwight Howard be heading to H town? A few weeks ago, we posted that the Houston Rockets were one of the few teams in the NBA willing to rent out the superstar center without him agreeing to re-sign with the franchise.

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Dwight Howard Postpones Basketball Camp, David Ping Slams Him on TV

Via Local 6 (undated)

When David “Ping” Pingalore is up to something, you’ll know about it. I saw him tweeting about this story at about 5 p.m., then again before he went on for Wednesday night’s sports report on Local 6, so I decided to see what next big “story” he was going to break.

Ping started off by saying Dwight Howard postponed his annual basketball camp at UCF on July 1, then went in straight Dwight Howard bash mode. He seemed to not know which one really happened, he mentioned cancelled and postponed multiple times. Ping said he’s not buying, and that it’s Howard’s “worst P.R. move yet.”

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Photo: Chris Bosh Seen Kissing Wife After Last Night’s Win, No Longer Considered ‘Gay’

Chris Bosh returned to form last night during the Miami Heat’s 101-88 Game 7 win over the Boston Celtics, scoring 19 points on 8-10 shooting from the field and 3-4 from three-point range. So after this great performance, a celebratory kiss from his wife was expected.

Hopefully the above photo ends the ‘gay’ rumors that currently surround this man. If you do a quick Google search, type in Chris Bosh and the second suggestion is ‘Gay.’ (I have added a photo of this taken from my phone, the snipping tool wouldn’t let the suggestions show)

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Did Courtney Lee Take an Indirect Shot at Otis Smith on Twitter?

Well it’s 12:15 in the morning in Orlando, the Oklahoma City Thunder just won the Western Conference title and the congratulatory messages to those in the Thunder organization are beginning to roll in. One of those messages came from former Magic player, Courtney Lee. He tweeted out a message that could be taken as a shot towards former Magic general manager, Otis Smith.

Check out the Tweet Below

[REPORT] Another Proposal Submitted For Phil Jackson To Work In Orlando’s Front Office

While the Charlotte Bobcats have their own issues like this one, or the fact that everyone they want to coach is waiting for Orlando to make their  decision on head coach, before they reply to the team. is reporting that their former head coach Sam Vincent is still at it trying to get Phil Jackson to work in an executive role for the Orlando Magic. There are a few more details this time.

Get the details

Yahoo! Sports: Deron Williams will Stay in Brooklyn Only if they Acquire Dwight Howard

Yahoo! Sports is reporting — per a source — that the only way Deron Williams will stay with the Nets is if they acquire Dwight Howard. The chances of that happening will depend on which pick the Nets draw in tonight’s draft lottery.

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