Report: Brooklyn Nets are “Very Close” to Getting Dwight Howard

Jarrod Rudolph of Real GM tweeted just a few minutes ago that the Brooklyn Nets are “very close” to getting Dwight Howard. Rudolph is saying his sources told him the deal could be completed “very soon.”

It was Friday night that Local 6’s David Pingalore reported that a deal to trade Howard could happen “very soon,” but didn’t specify which team he would be sent to.

Earlier Sunday afternoon Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Andrew Bynum has shown no inclination to agree to an immediate contract extension if sent to Orlando, perhaps that’s why the Nets are “very close” to getting Howard.

Multiple sources are saying that the Nets are looking for a third team to take on the contract of Kris Humphries and “one of the Magic’s bad contracts.” Bad contracts being that of Jason Richardson or Hedo Turkoglu. It has been long rumored that the Magic don’t want Humphries. The Cleveland Cavaliers are rumored to be the third team that would take Humphries and Richardson/Turkoglu.

In my opinion I think the deal to bring in Bynum for Howard is a much better deal than that of the Nets’ offer. In the Nets deal the Magic are also rumored to get a couple of first-round picks, but you’d have to think with Howard, Deron Williams, and Joe Johnson that the Nets first-round draft picks wouldn’t be worth all that much. But at the end of the day, I think general manager Rob Hennigan’s track record speaks for itself, so I trust his judgment.

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