Fake Stephen A. Smith Twitter Account Reports LeBron James Tore ACL, Fools ESPN Personality

Lebron James

The cool thing to do these days is to create a fake Twitter account claiming to be someone important — Adam Schefter, the bear from ‘Ted,’ Chuck Norris, CNN, and ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. The fake Stephen A. Smith — @stephenasmifh (Stephen A’s real account is @StephenASmith) —  has now fooled Twitter for the third time, including ESPN personality Andrew Brandt.

That’s going to make for one awkward Monday morning meeting. According to Brandt’s bio on Twitter, he’s an ESPN business analyst and ESPN.com columnist. I honestly don’t understand how people are fooled by phony accounts — they have verified accounts for this exact reason.

The first time the fake Stephen A. fooled Twitter, it reported Deron Williams signed a five-year deal with the Dallas Mavericks:

The second one, really caught fire, getting retweeted 4,721 times:

So for future reference, if the tweet seems out of the ordinary, check and see if the account is verified. Oh and by the way, LeBron has not torn his ACL.

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