NBA All Star Weekend Generates $95 Million For Orange County

Being that I work for a radio station, 102 JAMZ, NBA All Star Weekend was a pain in my ass with all the work  I had to do that weekend, and not getting any sleep. And while it didn’t do good for the sanity of myself and my co-workers, it did GREAT things for Central Florida, more specifically Orange County.

According to Central Florida News 13 All Star Weekend, which took over the city February 24-26 of this year, generated over $95 million dollars for Orange County. Between the game and NBA related activities as well as the parties and various appearances by NBA Players and celebrities.

The study, which was conducted by Strategic Marketing Services and SportsEconomics, LLC. was done by measuring the “new” money injected  into the local economy, the direct spending outside of events brought in $56.3 million, while indirect spending directed $38.8 million. They also broke down the difference between direct and indirect spending:

Direct spending represents dollars spent within Orange County related to events that otherwise would be spent outside the county’s economy. Indirect spending is the result from the re-spending of “direct” dollars as they circulate through the local economy and total economic impact is the sum of both direct and indirect spending.

Wow, well no matter how much of a headache it was for me and my co-workers this was definitely a good look for the city. No wonder they’re putting another bid in to bring the All-Star game back in a few years.

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