[AUDIO] Justin Bieber Hangs Up On Detroit Radio Host During Interview

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, who’s street cred has been on the rise since his baby mama drama, tattoos, and assault charge, well now he’s hanging up on radio show interviews. Find out what made JB hung up on the radio host.

At the beginning of the interview Mojo, the radio host, told Beiber that when was first played, “Boyfriend,” and asked who he thought the artist was he said Justin Timberlake, told Bieber to “Take it as a compliment.” Bieber’s reply was, “saying I sound like somebody else is not really a compliment.”

The interview then took a turn for the worst after the host, decided to bring up Biebs relationship with boy band, One Direction, then gave him a warning about keeping Harry, of One Direction, away from his mother (it was reported last week that Harry prefers to date older women). To which Bieber gave the response any 18 yesr-old kid would give, “I think you should worry about me around your mom bro,” this was followed by an awkward silence, host informs Bieber that his mom is dead, another awkward silenct, then Justin hangs up. Take a listen to the interview, as well as commentary from the radio host on the situation, (to hear his response to the Timberlake comparasion jump ahead to 2:56, and for the question that leads to Bieber hanging up jump to 6:32).

Justin Bieber hangs up on radio host:

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  1. Recently in a different interview Bieber said he would consider it a compliment to be compared to Timberlake so what is different now? In regards to the Harry Styles comment him and Selena have joked about that previously and Selena revealed that in an interview. She said – Both me and Justin still have really hot mums and Justin was like, ‘Harry might have become one of my best buddies, but with his record we need to keep him away from our mums’. So it’s okay for them to joke about but nobody else can?

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