Adam “Pacman” Jones Tells Rookies He Spent A Million Dollars In One Weekend

Pacman Jones

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback and former TNA Wrestling tag team champion, Adam “Pacman” Jones, volunteered to speak to the incoming NFL rookies at the NFL Rookie Symposium. While Pacman spoke with the rookies he told a story that even blew Terrell Owens, who was also there to speak to the rookies, mind.

The USA Today is reporting that Jones, told a story of spending a million dollars over A SINGLE WEEKEND, talk about reckless. Now it is unsure whether he gave any details so I’ll take the liberty to use my imagination and fill in the blanks; bottles, strippers, clubs, hotel, gambling, drugs, prostitutes, making it rain and I guess food?!?!?!? WOW, how is that even possible without making a major purchase like a house or car? Anyway the story was enough to make notorious spender Terrell Owens who was sitting on the stage with Jones say, “Man, you crazy!” I concur, I will say though that it’s pretty cool that he decided to speak with the rookies, he is the perfect person to talk to them about reckless spending and making poor choices.  Hopefully this wasn’t some community service or anything, because he’d be the second NFL Player Chad Ochocinco being the other, to do a cool gesture for the day. Hopefully they listen to his words and don’t make the same mistakes he did.

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