Dwight Howard Says He Never Felt Blackmailed, Will Only Re-Sign With One Team

Dwight Howard

More on the Dwightmare, Dwight has finally broken his silence speaking with both Jarrod Rudolph, of RealGM, and Adrian Wojnarowski, of Yahoo! Sports, about his siutation with the Orlando Magic. Making two points clear; one that the media and their “sources” are wrong, and two that there is only one team that he would re-sign with. Although he didn’t say which it’s pretty obvious that team is the Brooklyn Nets.

Speaking with RealGM Dwight Howard told Rudolph that he never used the word blackmail when speaking about the organization. He also called out the media for using unnamed sources, who are putting out false stories. Meanwhile, ESPN’s Chris Broussard who broke the story is still standing behind it, claiming the word blackmail was used but Howard was not referring to the legal definition of the word. Broussard says that Howard’s people are claiming that there were many promises were made by the organization and not kept. My question though, if he opted in right at the trade deadline and the free agency period just started yesterday when exactly were these moves supposed to be made

Dwight, who is apparently in a talkative mood today, then decided to talk to Yahoo! Sports about where he would play telling Wojnarowski that there was only one team he would sign with, but wouldn’t say who, although we all know it’s the Nets. So if he returns to Orlando or is traded elsewhere he would play out the season, and “explore his options,” in free agency. I really and truly hope that Deron Williams announces tomorrow that he is signing with the Mavericks. I’d be interested to see what happens then. Like I said on Saturday, GET THIS GUY THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!! ASAP

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