According To “Sources” Dwight Howard Has Requested A Trade To The Nets

Dwight Howard

We might be coming to the end of this whole Dwight Howard drama. New Magic GM Rob Hennigan flew out to Los Angeles after the draft to meet with Dwight, where he is still recovering from back surgery, and the trade was officially requested.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard‘s sources are claiming that Dwight asked for the trade to the Nets during his face to face meeting with Hennigan, it has not been reported whether or not his request will be granted. There are also rumors that Howard felt that he was blackmailed by the Magic into terminating his early termination option (ETO) back in February before the trade deadline and wanted to have it revoked, that request was denied.

We’re all over this, myself and Cody especially. I want Dwight gone and not sent to Brookyln, unless of course my ideal situation comes to fruition with Deron Williams signing with Dallas and THEN we send him to Brooklyn. I wish they made that deal with the Rockets and stock-piled on draft picks. It is well known that Hennigan had quite a bit to do with the drafting of Serge Ibaka, James Harden, and Russell Westbrook and knows how to construct a team, with four first round picks in this draft we could have been setup for future success ala Oklahoma City. For the love of God, please GET THIS GUY OUT OF HERE!!!

Also, according to RealGM, the Nets are also pursuing a trade for Joe Johnson, it was originally thought that they were giving up on Dwight but it is not being reported that they are attempting to put together their own “Big 3.”

If these rumors are in fact true, you have to believe Howard will be more hated than LeBron. At least LeBron came out and was 100% sure about his decision.

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