Man in Tennessee Finds $12,764 on Trash Can, Returns It

Via Yahoo! News

A Tennessee man that found nearly $13,000 on top of a trash can outside of a convenience store has decided to return it. Kenneth Allen and his wife stopped by the store to buy a cream soda, and discovered a bag that contained $12,764. “It never crossed my mind to take it, because that’s not the right thing to do,” Allen told Fox4KC. Allen returned the money to Clarksville Police Department, who have returned the money back to the owner.

The owner of the money, a 51-year-old man who was recently released from the hospital, said he was grateful to have his money back.

Of course he is.

“I knew I had to return it,” Allen said. “Someone might have needed that for something really important.” Yeah… partying! Let me tell you, if I found nearly $13,000 in a trash can, I’m going HAM in downtown Orlando at my favorite spots. I’d be that guy buying the entire bar a round of shots, then that same guy in Dennys buying everyone a Grand Slam.

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