Golden State Warriors Head Coach Involved in Extortion Scheme

According to, via CBS Sports, Golden State Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson has found himself in the middle of an extortion scheme with a former stripper whom he had a romantic relationship with. The Smoking Gun says Jackson was involved with a female stripper six years ago, whom he sent nude photos of himself to.

One of Alexis Adams’ associates, Marcus Shaw, was demanding a $200,000 payment in order to keep the photos on the down low.

In a release by Jackson, he admits he was confronted by a man that demanded a “substantial sum of money,” and says he regrettably paid him. After the man made threatening calls to Jackson’s wife demanding more money, Jackson went to the Warriors organization for guidance in how to handle the situation. They promptly notified the FBI, who immediately opened an investigation.

In a release by the Warriors, they stated Adams and Shaw were arrested on June 25 by the FBI. Jackson is fully cooperating with the investigation, which is ongoing.

From Jackson being a player — to commentator, and now a coach — I’ve always liked him, so hopefully this gets straightened out as soon as possible.

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