Tea Time W/ Noire Femme Queen Bey Blesses Kim Kardashian With Her Presence

Welp. Kim Kardashian finally nagged Kanye enough and got the chance to hang out with Beyonce. Isn’t she lucky?

At first there was talk that Bey was actually avoiding the Kardashians, which is understandable seeing as though most people do.

But the 2 were spotted in the mosh pit at the Birmingham, U.K. ‘Watch the Throne’ show dancing to Ni***’s in Paris. It was performed 12 times by the way.

The lucky girl who tweeted the first photo of them got blasted by the Beyhive!

“She would NEVER hang out with a Kardashian!”

Welp. She did.

Personally, 2 seemingly boring people like Bey and Kim hanging out don’t really get me too hyped.

It would probably go something like this:

Bey: I’m fierce and I love the Jigga man.

Kim: My ass is real and Ye’ loves it.

Bey: My baby Blue has changed my life.

Kim: I wanna have 4 babies with Ye’ and get married next year…

*starts falling asleep*

*Sips tea*

Until next time America!

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