Tea Time W/ Noire Femme: Light-Skinned Lames My Thoughts On The Chris Brown Drake “Club Brawl”

*Drops In*

Did you miss me? Though it’s been awhile since we sipped some tea…I just hope you’ll grab a cup with me!

So by now you’ve heard about the light-skinned lames Aubrey and Christopher acting a fool in the club.


Icant. But I will.

Really though?

So Christopher who wants to be the biggest and baddest thing since jalepeno peppers gets a gash the size of a grape tomato and hurries to put it on instagram… so you hard now?

You just learned how to say S-words.

While his little Asian  girl,  Kahlua, got a concussion and his bodyguard got his skull crushed.

Boy have all the seats in the Staples Arena!

\_ times 5,000.


Your ass is supposed to be stepping on wine bottles not throwing  them.

Just keep sampling Aaliyah and putting pink owls on your body.

And all of this over what…some jerk chicken p***y!

I keep telling ya’ll why Rihanna is not good for life…if this doesn’t prove it, I don’t know what will.

Light-skinned ni**a’s always tryna overcompensate.

SMH. I’m going back into my hole…see ya’ll when Aubrey, Christopher, and Rihanna make a sex tape.

*Sips Tea*

Until next time America.

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