Dwight Howard Postpones Basketball Camp, David Ping Slams Him on TV

Via Local 6 (undated)

When David “Ping” Pingalore is up to something, you’ll know about it. I saw him tweeting about this story at about 5 p.m., then again before he went on for Wednesday night’s sports report on Local 6, so I decided to see what next big “story” he was going to break.

Ping started off by saying Dwight Howard postponed his annual basketball camp at UCF on July 1, then went in straight Dwight Howard bash mode. He seemed to not know which one really happened, he mentioned cancelled and postponed multiple times. Ping said he’s not buying, and that it’s Howard’s “worst P.R. move yet.”

Howard told the company in charge of the event that he can’t make it on July 1 because he’s still rehabbing in Los Angeles.

Ping believes the chances of Howard getting traded sooner than later are at an all-time high because of this postponement. He says Howard postponed and cancelled the camp because he know’s that he’s going to be traded soon so he doesn’t want to face the people of Central Florida.

His report stated that the camp will be rescheduled for maybe August, but he’s still not buying it. “Are you kidding me? I’m not buying this one bit .. No way, no how,” Ping said.

Apparently Howard bought ice cream for everyone in line at a shop in L.A. yesterday, which riled Ping up even more. Ping finished the report with, “Terrible move, Dwight.”

Here at Thoughts of a Jeanius, we have definitely been very critical of Howard, that I want to make very clear. But I really don’t believe Howard cancelled the event because “he doesn’t want to face the people on Central Florida.” Howard has gone above and beyond in the charity department, just do a quick Google search. When Howard first started rehabbing his back, team officials and Howard’s doctors said it was best that he doesn’t fly back to Orlando with an injured back. So if his back is still injured, why would he fly back?

I think Ping is just trying to get back at Howard by smearing his name in the media (which hasn’t been done in a while), especially after that infamous media session where Howard called out Ping. As for buying everyone ice cream, I mean what is the big deal there? If anything it gives us proof he still is out there, rehabbing.

In conclusion, don’t believe Howard postponed his annual summer camp because he doesn’t want to face Central Florida. If that’s not a good enough reason, this report came from Ping — you know there’s always a chance it could be wrong. After he snubbed my class twice last semester, I could care less about the guy.

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