Guy at 7-11 Stops a Robbery by Kicking Knife out of Robber’s Hand

Via CF News 13

This story has it all: a robbery, a good Samaritan kicking the robber’s knife out of his hand, and a great reason why he was so brave.

A man went into a 7-11 in Orlando (Orange Avenue and Landstreet) and attempted to rob the store, with a knife as his weapon of choice. The robber approached the clerk, pointed the knife at the clerk and demanded cash. The good Samaritan saw this happen and grabbed a bottle of wine and confronted the robber, then kicked the knife out of his hand and chased him out of the store.

The good Samaritan didn’t want to be identified, and when asked why he performed this brave act, he said: “Because, bro, that’s me.”

This story jumped out to me because of the location. The store is located right by the Orlando UPS Hub where I worked for a few years, so I’ve been to that store a million times.

I just have to ask, who robs a store with knife? Not that I condone robbery, but if you rob someone, why not go all out and use a gun?

No one in the store was hurt during the robbery and the robber was still on the loose, as of posting time.

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