ESPN Commits Another Editing Mistake, Claim Heat are One Win Away From Finals

Even though the Heat had just lost and dropped one game away from elimination, things weren’t looking too bad for LeBron & Co. over at ESPN. In yet another web-editing mistake, ESPN claimed the Heat were just one win away from a trip to the Finals. I’m not sure how I missed this one, but ESPN posted the picture to their Facebook page in the early morning hours on Wednesday.

Luckily ESPN caught a break on this mistake, quickly realizing they had posted the picture to roughly 7.5 million fans and promptly removed it. But similar to the other mistakes, someone on the interwebs managed to get a screen shot.

Of course I’m talking about the infamous “Chink in the Armor” post, which saw one guy get fired, and one suspended. The other mistake happened during the Orlando Magic’s March 13th game versus the Heat, in which they captioned the score on the mobile app, “Magic fighting back from double-digit deficit in Dwight Howard’s home finale.” That game took place on a Tuesday, the last home game before the trade deadline. The Magic would eventually win the game, in what wasn’t Howard’s home finale.

This mistake won’t catch nearly the amount of negative press as the Jeremy Lin post did, but it might make a few Celtics fans upset.

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