A South Carolina Woman Arrested For Cheering Her Daughter At Graduation

A South Carolina mother, Shannon Cooper, was arrested this past weekend for cheering for her daughter at graduation.

The guests at the graduation were warned not to cheer or they would be asked to leave, Cooper told a local news station that she was going to cheer because, “I’ve gone through too much to get her to this point,” then asked the question, “I can’t let her know ‘I’m so proud of you?'” When her daughters named was called she jumped out of her seat and screamed, “yay, my baby made it!” At which time she was handcuffed, and brought out to a van outside, and charged with disorderly conduct. She was later released on a $225 bond. Sucks that this girl will always correlate her graduation with her mother’s arrest, they also said that other people cheered, but were not reprimanded.

Seems pretty ridiculous to me, what do you think about it? Hit the comments and let me know!

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  1. that is dumb, i am sure there is more to the story though

  2. H.K. Muhammad

    The mother sat a bad example for her daughter. If the family and friends were told not to cheer before the ceremony; then, she should have stayed in her seat. The school over reacted. Asking her to leave would have been proper since that was the recourse stated for ignoring the rule. It is sad that the daughter will always remember her graduation…..I’m guessing this is high school….as her mother acting out. AND, if it is just high school there isn’t much to cheer about….still a long way to go. The mother might have considered a gathering at home after the graduation.

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