Casey Anthony is So Fat, That She is “Virtually Unrecognizable”

For those of you still addicted to Casey Anthony news — which said people do still exist, nearly a year later after she was acquitted of killing her daughter — boy do I have some news that will surely excite you. Word is, Miss Anthony is so fat that she is “virtually unrecognizable,” this according to, via the Orlando Sentinel.

Casey has gained a great deal of weight in the past six months and her face is extremely puffy,” an unidentified source “close to the situation” tells RadarOnline.

Radar Online claims they have pictures of the fat Casey, but won’t release them for some reason, probably because they don’t exist. So for now, I’d take this report with a grain of salt. I mean if you hold such pictures that would literally shut down the internet, why would you not release them? That’s all I’m saying.

But for those who do still hate Casey, I know that even the idea of Casey gaining so much weight that she’s unrecognizable will allow you to sleep very well tonight.

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  1. l dont think thats her someone enlargrd the photo and put it out why?nothing will change from what she has done .this is the same killer is it not?yes for suer her size wont make a difference not to me at all she got away with it thats my books she is guilty as hell with the weight gain or not.

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