[VIDEO] Spelling Bee Competitor Jack Pasche Goes Out With A Bang & The Youngest Spelling Bee Competitor EVER

When 7th grade spelling bee competitor, Jack Pasche couldn’t spell the word idiosyncratically he had two choices; go out like the other competitors, or go out with a bang! When he realized that he couldn’t spell the word he decided to have fun with it and throw an; Q-R-S-Z-3- quatro-F-L-D-R-Q, to a loud ovation from the crowd. They all had a good laugh when he was told “that is not correct.” LOL, smart kid, if you’re gunna lose be memorable! Also in the bee was  the youngest competitor ever 9 year-old, Lori Anne Madison, who managed to spell one word correctly!

Jack Pasche goes out with a BANG:

Check out the video of Lori Anne Madison spelling her two words:

She’s so serious, geez…

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