Should Justin Combs Give Back His Scholarship To UCLA Becuase His Father (Diddy) Is Rich?

Justin Combs, son of hip hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, is coming under some scrutiny from people who say he should give back the scholarship he’s been given to UCLA should be given to less fortunate students.

Justin, who is trying to blaze his own path, and not follow in his father’s shadow, played cornerback in upstate New York, and held a 3.75 gpa was offered a scholarship worth $54,000 to play for UCLA. Some are saying that since his father, who was named the wealthiest artist in hip hop at over $45 million, is worth so much that he should give the scholarship to less fortunate students. Some more info, the scholarship is specifically for student athletes, is NOT based off need, it is strictly based on athletic ability and grades, so taking it from him wouldn’t necessarily give it to someone less fortunate. So what do you think? Should he give it back keep it?!?! VOTE, then hit the comments and let us know!

Jeanius Thoughts:

I think he should keep it, because he earned it and is father had nothing to do with it, like Mike Wilbon said on PTI tonight, there are probably many other rich people, who aren’t as high profile who’s kids get scholarships and it isn’t even thought about twice. He shouldn’t give something he EARNED back because of who his father is.

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