Excerpts From Raz B’s Book Leak, Accuses Chris Brown, Omarion, Ray J, & Bow Wow Of Being Gay, Chris Brown Responds

Looks like somebody wants attention again, last year former B2K member Raz B., got into some twitter beef with Chris Brown, well now he’s back at it again. Like any other attention seeking punkass would do he is writing a “tell all book,” where he supposedly outs Bow Wow, Chris Brown, Omarion, and Ray J, and we have some of the excerpts from the book.

Here go the excerpts from the book:

On Chris Brown:

“They say you never know who knows who. Chris Brown didn’t think about that when he attacked me online. I have a friend that’s very close to Chris’ camp who told me that Chris was involved with an up and coming songwriter Andre Merritt. So when Chris started going in calling people ‘gay’ and ‘fags’ I just dropped Andre Merritt’s name. I knew it was true when he decided to shut up.”

On Omarion/B2K:

“There were no girls; there were no breaks, and absolutely NO meat. Our diet was so strict that I remember passing out during rehearsals because of our heavily restricted diet.” Thornton goes on to say, “More important than the food was girls. Girls were not allowed to even have our number. Chris(Stokes) would say that girls were a distraction, but in reality, it was just for his own sexual desires.”

“Chris was gay- he tried his best to hide his sexual appetite from his family, but we knew. Chris would make us (members of B2k) go into rooms and have oral and sometimes anal sex. He often time would take pictures of us engaging in sex acts. To this day, I think he still has those images.”

“Me and Boog (Jarell Houston, known as J. Boog) resisted the most. Fizz and Omari (Omarion) however seemed a lot easier to take advantage of. I suspect it was because Fizz was so much younger and Omari was just gay.”

On Bow Wow:

“Bow Wow was younger than all of us, but the record company figured his affiliation with us (B2k) would be great. I didn’t see it for myself but I was told by Fizz that Bow Wow and he got involved with each other. I didn’t put a lot of stock in it then. It would be a few years until I realize that Fizz wasn’t lying. In 2005 Bow Wow and Omari became “inseparable”. It wasn’t until rumors forced Bow Wow to end the relationships. The gay talk was hurting Bow Wow’s business.”

On Ray J:

“Ray J was cool at first. I was under the impression that he wanted to help me. But just like with Whitney (Houston) he was just looking for someone to use. Ray J said that he was mad about how Chris did us and other artist, but Ray J just wanted airtime.” He went on to say, “Ray J made a diss song about Chris being gay, but that’s the kettle calling the pot black.”

Chris Brown responded on his  twitter page, then delted them, good thing for screen shots and the internet LOL:

he also said, “Keep feeding people bulls*it and ima end up owning you and that book! RAZ B!”

Wow, that was A LOT there, now honestly I think this guy just wants attention, and to be relevant again, as our own Noire Femme texted me. Oh yeah she also told me you all, “he and his big-lip bandit ass needs to go have several seats,” so there you go Raz \_ \_ \_ lmfao. I’m sure there will be A LOT of beef, tweets, and cease and desists orders sent out over this one, and when it all happens we’ll keep you posted with the latest. Sorry Raz, you need to sit your ass down somewhere, and disappear back into the shadows, just because you’re gay doesn’t mean everybody else is just sayin’…

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