Robert Griffin III is Already Making NFL History

Via the Washington Post

Robert Griffin III is already making NFL history, and he hasn’t even played a down in the league. The name that will be appearing on the back of Griffin’s jersey this season will read “Griffin III,” which is exactly how he will be making history. The league changed their rule on roman numerals and generational titles and will now allow them on the back of jerseys.

According to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, this will not only be the first time a roman numeral will appear on an NFL jersey, but it will also be the first roman numeral used on a jersey in one of the Big Four professional leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL).

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Griffin signed a deal with Adidas — who has that visual three-stripe signature, which is why Uni Watch believes Griffin chose Adidas over Nike. They believe the three roman numerals that will appear on his jersey — and other merchandise — will also serve as an indirect way of marketing for Adidas. In fact, Uni Watch points out that Adidas has already begun doing so.

The new rule will include the option of adding “Jr.” to jerseys, which is exactly what Roy Helu Jr. is doing.

Check out the latest from Thoughts of a Jeanius:


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