[REPORT] The Houston Rockets Wouldn’t Mind “Renting” Dwight Howard Out For A Season

The daily rumor mill is definitely grinding as it pertains to the Orlando Magic. It is being reported by HoopsWorld, that the Houston Rockets wouldn’t mind “renting out” the services of Dwight Howard, for a season.

Citing the team being desperate for a superstar, even dating back to before Yao Ming’s retirement from the league. The source claims that, they would be banking on the team, fans, city rallying around Howard, as well as his relationship with Hakeem Olajuwon, being enough to convince him to stay. If this does anything it gives Orlando some leverage when dealing with the Nets and Lakers to try an pry a better deal out of those teams.
The says a combination of Courtney Lee, who they say the Magic have long been after (another blog in itself), Kevin Martin, Luis Scola, Samuel Dalembert, Chase Budinger, and draft picks would be the Rockets offer. Interesting, not sure where Houston will fall in the draft, but I’m not sure how I feel about the deal. I’m sure whoever the new GM, hopefully Donnie Walsh, makes the right call.

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