Dwight Howard says he’s Not Responsible for the Firing of Stan Van Gundy, Picks Thunder to Win Championship

TMZ caught up with Dwight Howard in Beverly Hills this morning and got a few interesting pieces of information out of him. First, Howard said he had nothing to do with Stan Van Gundy being fired, adding that, “I hate to see anyone lose their job … Me and Stan had our ups and downs, but for the most part had one goal — to win a championship in Orlando.”

Howard said he was glad that CEO Alex Martins confirmed in the press conference that he had nothing to do with Stan’s firing.

Howard offered his prediction on who will win the championship, saying, “I think this is just their [Thunder] time. Just watching their games, watching their fans. A million people outside their arena and you’ve got the arena packed. That’s just amazing.”

So there you have it, Howard didn’t get Stan fired. That whole media session Stan had where he spilled the beans that management told him that Howard wanted him gone, never happened. Someone lied about the entire thing — at least that’s what Howard wants you to believe. Let’s bring in Shaq now!

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