ESPN Radio’s Scott Van Pelt Suggests That The Lakers Should Amnesty Kobe Bryant

SportsCenter anchor, and host of ESPN Radio’s “The Scott Van Pelt Show,” Scott Van Pelt, made a pretty bold statement on his radio show this afternoon. He said the Lakers should use their amnesty on Kobe Bryant.

Citing the fact that Kobe is nearing the end of his career, and that his skills would only be deteriorating over the next two seasons, in which is owed more than $60 million. SVP says the end of the Kobe era is coming sooner than later, so why not save the money now and try to make some moves. That is a pretty interesting, but I’m sure unpopular view on the situation, especially considering most of the top free agents are locked in for quite some time. Unless they would try to make a run at Deron Williams and pair him with Bynum and Gasol, but what other quality shooting guard would they be able to sign? I highly doubt this will happen, but you have to wonder what if……

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