Jerry Sloan says He’s Interested in Coaching the Magic

FOX Sports Florida is reporting that Jerry Sloan told them that he is interested in coaching the Orlando Magic. The article says Sloan could be a good fit because he coached the problematic Karl Malone for 15 years, meaning he could be a good fit for coaching Dwight Howard. Asked if he could coach Howard, Sloan said, “I’d let other people judge that.”

Sloan told FOX Sports Florida that the Magic have not reached out to him yet, nor has the other team he’d be interested in coaching, the Charlotte Bobcats. Regarding the upcoming staff changes, he said he’d listen, adding, ” I’d have to weigh the pluses and minuses. But I’d be interested in listening.’’

It should be a little while before the Magic announce a new head coach. During yesterday’s press conference, CEO Alex Martins said that the team would first begin the search to find a GM, then find a head coach.

I think the Magic either have two reasons for firing Stan Van Gundy and letting Otis Smith go: to send a message that the circus in town is over, or they just made those moves in an attempt to woo Dwight Howard. Hopefully it’s not option two. I think you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that disagrees in adding such a coaching legend to a team that desperately needs a leader. Time will only tell which direction the team will make.

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