Jeanius Of The Week: Terricka Cromartie Fakes Suicide Attempt

(Photo By: Chase Greene)
Terricka Cromartie, the wife of New York Jets cornerback, Antonio Cromartie, was involuntarily committed over the weekend after she faked a suicide attempt to the NFL player.

Terricka, who thought Antonio was cheating on her, whatever would give her that idea? Could it he the ten kids with eight different mothers? A few weeks back she text him saying:

God forgive me, I don’t want to die. What have I done?
I cut my wrists. I took those pills.

Antonio like any loving husband would do, called the cops, but when they showed up Terricka was just hanging out with her kids in their bedroom. The cops then decided that she had to be involuntarily committed.

Wow, that’s pretty extreme for some attention. I’ll never get why people pull these stupid stunts for attention. You’re a grown ass lady, SMH

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