Video: Will Smith Slaps Man who Tries to Kiss Him

Will Smith slapped a Ukrainian reporter on Friday who tried to kiss him, a male reporter at that. While Smith was attending the premier of Men in Black 3 in Russia, he ran into this man who tried to turn a friendly kiss into something much deeper. Smith responded by saying, “Come on man. What the hell is your problem buddy?” According to TMZ, this particular reporter is known to greet celebrities like this. Check out the video below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This couldn’t have happened at a better time for Smith, this incident happened just days after he told reporters in Berlin that he supports President Obama’s views on gay marriage. What a better way to show your support than to slap a man who tried to kiss you? Gay marriage supporter or not, if anyone — male or female — tries to give you an unwanted kiss, I feel like you should be able to slap them away (but don’t slap a woman).

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