Tea Time w/ Noire Femme: Lil Kim Lets It All Out

Lil Kim had a lot to say yesterday morning on the Breakfast Club with Charlemagne, New York’s Power 105. She discusses Nicki Minaj stealing her sound, being caught in bed with Biggie by Faith, and her relationship with Scott Storch!

I don’t think I could’ve prayed for better tea this morning!

Charlemagne, not one to mince words, was already calling Kim out as bitter and jealous of all of Nicki’s success.

Disclaimer: Charlemagne loves Nicki Minaj. He was even featured on her album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

Who bought that album by the way?

*tumbleweeds and crickets*

Kim revealed that she was once part of Cash Money and let Slim (Baby’s partner in Cash Money) listen to some of her stuff. Next thing she knew Nicki comes out and it sounds really familiar.

When asked if she had an issue with Nicki beforehand, she states,

“The problem with her is she was very catty with it. I never had a problem with her, I was always nice with her, always she was a very obnoxious person but I was always nice with her.”

“She wanted to be the only female out there so when Baby and Slim said when not f*cking with this chick because you can’t stand next to her she loved it because she didn’t want to stand next to me. She wanted to be out there by herself.”
“I’m not saying that she is a horrible artist but I definitely feel like she is over rated.”

She also speaks on her relationship with former super producer, Scott Storch.

“I don’t know what the future holds but I think we’ve both moved in such different directions. Scott wanted to marry me; he gave me a huge pink diamond ring and I’ll never do this again because it killed me to give it back.”

But the most scandalous…Kim confirmed that Faith did walk in on she and Biggie in bed.

She didn’t give much detail, but she was not dragged out of bed, contrary to the rumors.

“That’s not true. There was only two people there and that was Lil’ Cease and ROC. Those were the only two people there and Cease was sleep but that’s not how it went down. Trust me and believe me. “

She also spoke about Ms. Wallace, who probably hates Kim more than Nicki Minaj.

“Big’s mom doesn’t know Biggie and she barely knows Christopher. She use to kick him out daily. She did not care to know him or get to know him during that time. Don’t get me wrong, he loved his mother and I’m pretty sure as a mom she loved her son, but she didn’t know him.”

Can you say MESSY??

Whether or not Kim is telling the truth about the Cash Money scenario…side-eye. Kim just needs to stop talking about Nicki Minaj and get back to the music. We all respect Kim for being one of the best female rappers of all time, but speaking on Nicki all the time isn’t gonna getchu back on top.

So go in the corner, put in work, and get at her on the charts.

Now Kim speaking on Biggie is just…SAD!

You were and always will be the SIDE-LINE HO/JUMP OFF. Jump-offs don’t get to speak on anything, even if the other party is deceased. You have no rights, no say, or anything when it comes to Biggie.

And then you wanna talk about his mama!

Kim needs to have a long seat…here \___.

That is not your place Kim.

Smh at side-chicks thinking they have rights to things.

She needs to go and find Scott Storch and hope he can take her back.

*Sips Tea*

Until next time America.

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