ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Says The Miami Heat Should Trade Dwyane Wade & Chris Bosh For Dwight Howard

Could the two men above, Dwight Howard and Lebron James, be teammates soon? ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said yesterday on his ESPN New York radio show, that if the Miami Heat get eliminated by the Indiana Pacers, they should trade Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to Orlando for Dwight Howard.

This morning on ESPN 2’s, Mike and Mike in the Morning, host Mike Greenberg was exploring some trade options for the Miami Heat should they be eliminated by the Indiana Pacers in their second round series. He said that Stephen suggested that the two Sunshine State teams make a blockbuster trade. Obviously, this couldn’t be a straight up trade because all three are max guys, so it would be Dwight and some combination of role players.

Most people assume that if the Big 3 are broken up, Wade is most likely to be shipped off, even though it’s his team, and his county. The main reason though, is he is the oldest of the three, and has had to deal with the most injuries, also his and Lebron’s game are so similar, and trading a three time, and reigning, MVP isn’t exactly something that seems like the best to do. The deal makes sense for both teams, Miami would easily be the best defensive team in the league, and the Magic will be relevant, and easily one of the top teams in the East with Bosh and Wade, especially if they could find a way to squeeze Turkoglu into the deal LOL. Just one of many more rumors we can expect from this offseason.

Do you think this deal has a shot at happening? Hit the comments and let me know!

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  1. Lesane Crooks

    Yes trade Wade but keep Bosh! Marcus Thornton looks like a good young and up incoming SG who but up some good numbers this season. He’s the same size and build as Wade, just younger. Still has some upside where Wade is clearly on the downside. There’s alot of whare & tare on Wade’s body. It’s time for this to be Jame’s team and that can’t be done with Wade on the team. It’s time for UD & JJ to be gone also.

  2. Lesane Crooks

    Miami Heat Get:
    SG-Marcus Thornton
    C-Jason Thompson
    SF-Donte Greene
    1st Round(2013)
    2nd Round(2014)
    2nd Round(2015)
    Cash Conderations

    Sacramento Kings Get:
    SG-Dwyane Wade
    PF-Udonis Haslem
    SF-James Jones

  3. Miami does not need Marcus t. As a heat and wad fan, it would b tuff but Orlando would not Gertrude any package better than that. U usually don’t trad in ur division, but Orlando gets 2 al stars and would have bosh and big baby up front and wade at guard. Miami gets Lebron and Howard, both 26/27 years old and build around them. Pat Riley always loves. Big. Wuld it b tuff to trade wade, yes, but to get the best C in league u do it. Any other deals Orlando would not get 2 all stars and could Lose Dwight 4 nothin. I’d do it.

  4. Yes they should trade d howard for d wade and chris bosh

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