Mike D’Antoni Interested In Coaching The Orlando Magic

According to Brian Schmitz, of the Orlando Sentinel, former New York Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni would be “very interested” in the Orlando Magic head coaching job, should it become available.

D’Antoni who resigned from the Knicks before he was fired earlier this season, is best known for coaching the Phoenix Suns run & gun, 8 seconds or less offense. Although D’Antoni is known for
not caring about defense, if this move keeps Dwight Howard in Orlando, he is all the defense we need/have had anyway. If D’Antoni could convince Steve Nash to come to Orlando with him, I might be ok with this. The defensively-challenged Phoenix Suns had the best record in the league several times under his watch, and made a couple trips to the Western Conference Finals, including the year they got jobbed out to the Spurs. Depending on how the roster plays out I COULD be ok with this, but as they say we’ll have to wait and see. Magic fans how do you feel about this one, of many rumors to come, hit the comments and let me know!

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