Orlando Magic CEO to Dwight Howard: Resign or Else

Joe Kepner of WFTV Channel 9 in Orlando is reporting that Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins has given Dwight Howard an ultimatum: resign or else. Kepner tweeted around 8:30 Tuesday night: “Magic front office official says Dwight Howard needs to make decision about future before next season.” He went on to say that officials won’t wait around like last year.

David Baumann of Brighthouse Sports Networks interviewed Martins and backed up Kepner’s report. Martins told Baumann — on whether or not the Magic will trade Howard — that, “We’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it, the number one goal is to get him to sign the extension.” Martins also said that “necessary changes will be made” if Howard does not sign extension.

Well it didn’t take long for these types of reports to start surfacing. There will be a lot of decisions to make this offseason: keeping or firing Stan Van Gundy and/or Otis Smith, Jameer Nelson’s option, Ryan Anderson’s contract situation (restricted free agent), and of course Dwight Howard.

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I like that Martins is giving Howard an ultimatum because it looks like he is finally going to take control of this franchise. There were so many rumors that came out of Orlando this season that honestly could have been settled if someone — anyone — had stepped in and took control. Martins has to get this Howard situation under control, one way or the other. I think he should set a date and if Howard doesn’t comply, send him to the best suitor. But hey, easier said than done right? I mean I don’t run an NBA franchise.

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