Flo Rida Announces The Title Of His New Album

We’ll file this in the, I’m not sure if anybody cares category, rapper Flo Rida announced  today in a Billboard exclusive the title of his new album. Contrary to previous reports the title of the album will not be, Only One Rida, as a follow up to his 2010 album, Only One Flo. 

The album will be named after his current Top 10 single, “Wild Ones,” and will be released on July 3rd of this year. Last week he shot the video for his next single, “Whistle,” which he says, “will probably be the biggest record I’ve done yet.” That has yet to be seen as Flo Rida has had A LOT of hit singles over his career. Flo Rida is what we like to call around these parts a, single artist, he always has hit singles/platinum singles, but never a platinum or even gold album. I don’t expect this to be any different, “Good Feeling,” and “Wild Ones,” the single, were hits, but I expect, Wild Ones,  the album to be a flop.

Don’t forget to see Flo Rida on the season finale on, The Voice, tonight on NBC.

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