Dallas Mavericks Players Vote Not To Give Lamar Odom $20,138 Playoff Bonus

After getting swept out of the first round of the NBA Playoffs, the Dallas Mavericks players voted not to share a playoff bonus, with the troubled NBA player, Lamar Odom

For finishing seventh in the Western Conference, and playing in the first round of the playoffs received a $281,937 bonus, which if split evenly would have seen each player make $20,138. The players decided not to include Odom in that bonus, and this is what Dirk Nowitzki had to say about Odom’s tenure with the Mavs:

If the Lamar thing would have worked out and if he would have played like the year before when he was the best sixth man, I think we would have had a shot

I think it’s safe to say that Odom time in Dallas was a flop, luckily all they gave up was a trade exception, although I’m sure they wish they had that right about now.

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