Weekend Round-Up! Does Katy Perry Have A New Man? Jennifer Hudson Takes The Stand & Kanye Puts An (Ear)Ring On It

Hope everyone had fabulous weekends, here’s a little tea to let you hold on to it a little while longer.

New Couple Alert

I’m sure if you weren’t in LA this past weekend, you were throwing uber #shade to all those who were at Coachella.

Or was that just me?

So much happened at Coachella, but a new couple seemed to have made an appearance. While the others are reporting that Katy Perry is trying to get back with Russell Brand, she was definantly captured cannoodling with Robert Ackroyd, guitarist for Florence + the Machine.

Can we all just praise the Lord that Katy is not getting back with Russell!

I’m not sure why that ever happened, but lets just blame it on beer goggles that she never took off for 3 years.

Good Luck to the new couple!

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Jennifer Hudson takes the stand

In sad news, J. Hud might be taking the stand today in the trial for the tragic murdering of her mom, brother, and 7 year-old nephew back in 2008.

The accused is the estranged brother-in-law, William Balfour, who prosecuters are saying killed the family in a fit of jealous rage.

According to court documents, Balfour told Julia Hudson (Jennifer’s sister,)

“If you leave me, I’m going to kill you. You will be the last. I’ll kill your family first.”

Balfour is to be charged with 3 counts of first-degree murder.

Our thoughts and prayers to Jennifer and her family at this time.

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Shoulda put and earring on it!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or KimYe were spotted around town again on yet another date. This time they had an ice cream date.

I guess you should put an earring on it #soiknowitsreal, because Kim had on these pretty adorable “KW” earrings for the date.

I’m sorry, but that’s pretty friggin’ cute!

Excuse the girl/jewlery fanatic in me.

And in response to the rumors that Kanye thinks Kim is his Bey, “if it isn’t in a song or a tweet- it’s not true.”

Good. There is no way Kim will ever be Bey. Bey stans unite!

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