Dwight Howard to Undergo Season-Ending Back Surgery

It’s hard to believe that prior to this season Dwight Howard has only missed seven regular season games. He’s missed eight out of the last ten Magic games and is expected to miss the rest of the season, including the postseason and Olympics. Late Thursday night multiple sources (legitimate sources) reported that Howard will undergo back surgery, effectively ending his season. Howard’s condition has not improved, thus surgery was recommended.

Howard will go into surgery Friday morning in Los Angeles.

The surgery will not only end the Magic’s championship hopes, but it will also prove that once again, David “Ping” Pingalore got a report wrong. The fact that even hearing Howard quit on his team is absurd, I don’t buy that. Even with everything he has done this season, I just don’t buy it. Why would Howard elect to waive his early termination option to avoid free agency just to quit on his team?

Ping was scheduled to meet with my class and be our featured guest speaker Wednesday night, but he didn’t show up. It turns out Ping was out ‘breaking news.’ Ping reported Wednesday night that Howard called Magic owner Rich DeVos during last Friday’s game to say that he would not play for head coach Stan Van Gundy any longer. Howard refutes those claims, saying:

I was getting an epidural during the game. I had no idea what was going on with the game until the third quarter. That’s when I woke up. I couldn’t have talked to him, because I was out of it.

Perhaps now Howard is 100% ruled out for this season, it will allow the team to really focus on their championship run, and not whether or not he will return. Their best chance at a run would be to play the Indiana Pacers first round, which they are 3-1 against this season. But how well can they play without Howard?

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