Weekend Roundup! Kris Humphries Still Won’t Let It Go & Who Might Play Whitney In A Movie

Hope you all had fabulous Easter weekends and you’re probably hating this Monday afternoon so here’s a little afternoon tea! Kris Humphries still won’t let this Kim Kardashian stuff go, and apparently a Whitney Houston biopic is already in the works, but who should play Whitney!

Kris Humphries suspects Kim a cheater!

While we were checking out the flicks from Kim and Kanye‘s very public rendezvous these last few days Kris Humphries has been keeping his eyebrow up the whole time.

According to reports, Kris knows for a fact that Kanye and Kim have been close especially in the last 2 years. She even kept in touch with Ye’ after the wedding, though promising to cut off communication. Seeing as though a new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is supposed to premiere in May and Ye’s putting the final touches on the G.O.O.D. Music collab, Kris thinks the timing is very “Kardashian-like.” Kris also knows that Ye’ would never record those bars without Kim’s permission.

So clearly Kim approved ALL OF THE SHADE.

Kris surely believes that Kim was letting Ye’ dip in and out the pool while they were together, which really doesn’t surprise me.

Come closer…I have some juice straight from concentrate!

*in hushed tone*

Amber Rose confirmed a while back that Kim first got with Ye’ when their [Amber and Kanye’s] relationship was ending a few years back. Amber actually hooked up with Reggie Bush to get back and Kim and Kanye.

*back to normal tone*

And we all know as much as Kim wants to be wifey material she sure doesn’t act like it. I don’t put it past Kim to use this new relationship as a publicity stunt, but I don’t think Ye’ would actually stoop to that level.

He can act a fool on his own.

If all this is confirmed, I’m sure the divorce settlement between Kim and Kris will adjust in Kris’ favor.

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Who might play Whitney Houston in a Biopic??

While there are some reporting that Rihanna wants to play Nippy in an upcoming biopic, now Bobbi Krisitina has thrown her name in the mix, saying that no one knew [Whitney] her better.

Sweetie of course no one knew her better… you’re her daughter! But I don’t think that Bobbi should play Whitney in the biopic, isn’t that creepy or is it just me?

Clearly Rihanna shouldn’t be playing her either considering Whitney did not have the island accent that I know RihRih cannot get rid of.

And we all remember the Fantasia Lifetime biopic where she played her self and how riveting it was.


I think Bobbi Kristina should leave the acting to the professionals.

There’s been rumors of Megan Good and her permanently surprised eyebrows might be playing Nippy, but I vote for Viola Davis, Sanna Lathan, Nia Long, or Kerry Washington.

*in my country voice*

If you gon’ do Nippy, you gotta do it right!

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