Iowa Residents Discover Gas Station Selling Gas for 39 Cents a Gallon

Git n Go – Des Moines, Iowa

Gas station customers in Des Moines, Iowa were in for a real treat Monday night. Word quickly spread throughout town that a pump at Git n Go was only charging 39 cents per gallon of gas, an obvious error. A witness said the line for the pump wrapped around the building, twice.

According to the report, neighbors said the gas station clerk didn’t even notice what was going on, because the gas station often sees an influx in customers due to the Iowa State Fairgrounds being located right across the street.

Also in the report was a woman who was upset that people would take advantage of the clerk’s mistake. Look, if you can cop gas for 39 cents a gallon, by all means, get it. I think this particular woman was just upset she couldn’t take advantage. This woman cited the fact that the clerk has eight children and lost her job because of the error. The clerk should definitely lose her job, she obviously wasn’t paying any attention, especially if people are only using ONE pump.

So the moral of this story is if you work at a gas station, pay attention. If people are filling up on $5, there’s probably a reason why that’s happening.

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