[VIDEO] Stan Van Gundy “Dwight Howard Wants Me Fired!”

On today’s episode of, As the World Turns, I mean this mess of a situation that is the current state of the Orlando Magic, current head coach, Stan Van Gundy, while addressing the media ahead of the Magic’s game against the New York Knicks, Van Gundy stated that he was told by Orlando management, that Magic GM center, Dwight Howard, wanted him fired.

Stan said that he was told BY MANAGEMENT, that Dwight wanted this to happen, Dwight of course denied it, deflecting blame to Cody’s favorite sports reporter, David Pingalore. Stan said, all he knows is that he’s the coach now, but if they did fire him he’d be fine with it, and go on and have a good day. He also said the only thing that made him uncomfortable was Bull$#!+, and right on cue, Dwight shows up to deny the story while Stan makes an awkward exit, check out the video.

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Jeanius Thoughts:

This is exactly why I knew Dwight staying wasn’t going to be a good thing, I’m sorry, but Stan Van Gundy is a damn good coach who definitely doesn’t deserve this, and if he were to up and quit, or want to “spend more time with his family,” I would definitely not hold that against him. I personally, would rather have Stan LONG TERM, than deal with the uncertainty with Dwight, because there is still the possibility that he can walk just like Lebron did, even with all of the concessions that the team are making for him, just as Cleveland did for Lebron.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Should Stan be fired? Should he quit? Should the Magic trade Dwight in the off season? Hit the comments and let us know!


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