A New Report Suggests Stan Van Gundy May Quit After This Season

The coach with the best regular- and post-season win percentages in Orlando Magic franchise history may be quitting after this season, suggests a report by Alex Kennedy of Hoops World. In the report, Kennedy says the Magic may want to fire him, but may not even get the chance to do so, if Van Gundy quits.

Says Kennedy:

A growing number of people within the organization believe that Van Gundy will quit after the season, mainly because he doesn’t want to go through the Howard circus again next season. Sources close to the situation say that Van Gundy was ready for the organization to move Howard at the trade deadline so that the franchise could move on and once again focus on winning games. He’s not interested in going through that drama again next season.

As for Van Gundy’s replacement? One name that has surfaced is Nate McMillan, and McMillan is a name that has the approval of Magic GM center Dwight Howard. The two are familiar with each other because McMillan is an assistant coach on Team USA’s Olympic Team.

Me personally, I don’t have a problem with Van Gundy quitting if he chooses to. In fact, I wouldn’t blame him. It has to get old to constantly keep getting questioned on Howard’s future. “The thing that has bugged me more than anything this year — nobody even gives a damn about the results of our game,” Van Gundy said around the trade deadline. “Nobody cares. There’s no questions about our games. Nobody cares if we play well or don’t play well. It doesn’t matter. It’s all, ‘is Dwight going to stay?'”

As for McMillan being a candidate, he’s supposedly on a list that Howard handed to management to try to pursue. At least we have another story line to watch out for this summer, in addition to the Howard saga.

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