Halle Berry: Baby Daddy Drama!

I swear Halle can’t catch a break with these dudes. Guess that’s the price of gorgeousness. If you aren’t caught up on the juice let me break it down for you right quick.

ready? ok, pay attention.

*clears throat*

Halle meets model, Gabriel Aubry.

Halle gets it in with Gabriel, conceives and gives birth to daughter Nahla.

Halle, Gabriel, and Nahla live happily for awhile than as all of Halle’s relationships go, it ends.

Halle meets french actor Oliver Martinez.

Gabriel calls Halle a ni***r.

Halle and Gabriel start a custody battle.

Halle and Oliver Martinez get engaged.


Confusing? Well it is Halle’s love life. A mess.

*grabs glass of water*

Po’ lil tink tink.

Well now Halle wants to move to Paris with Nahla and be closer to her fiance Oliver. Halle thinks Gabriel could still be a good father and visit Nahla seeing as though he works sporadically as a model (translation: you ain’t got no real job so take your ass on a plane and come see about your kid).

Gabriel ain’t having it and is totally against the move, even asking Halle to pay child support and lawyers fees.


Once again, po’ lil tink tink.

I really want Halle to catch a break, but she can’t. I’m not even going to go into this new engagement with Oliver Martinez. Because as much as I want it to work…it’s probably not. Sorry Halle.

Halle is trying to be happy and move on with her life, but clearly unemployed, racist ass baby daddy, Gabriel won’t let her. As of now it’s up to the judge to approve the move, so let’s all drop a prayer request for Halle in those baskets on Sunday cause Lawd knows she needs it.

See, this is a lesson ladies! You need to watch who you let hit the sticky center, you might end up with a lame ass baby daddy like Gabriel and be bound to him for the rest of your child’s life.

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