Lindsay Lohan: “I’se free!”

Lindsay Lohan is officially off of formal probation as of this morning. She praised her lawyer, the judge, and discussed how her life has changed in the last year on a live call to TMZ. She completed all her court-ordered therapy sessions and community service.

At this point, this post can go into 2 very different directions, positive or the truth.

I pick the truth.

Though Lindsay’s family life has been less than stellar, with the drug addicted, fame-hungry whore of a father and less than a parent mother, there is still no excuse for the hot a** mess that she’s become.

Seems like another case of what I like to call #richwhitegirlproblems.

Chile boo! If she was Shantavia from round the way, homegirl would’ve been locked up years ago.

But time and time again, Lindsay is given passes with community service , 2 hour jail stints, and therapy-sessions.

Extreme side-eye.

Oh ok. That’s fair.

Lindsay was given another pass, wag of a finger and told “don’t do it again!”

Where they do that at? Not in the real world, clearly.

Would I really be surprised if she was in trouble again?

Not if a bear s**ts in the woods.

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