New Survey Names Tim Tebow The Fourth Most Marketable Person In THE WORLD

Well we already know that Tim Tebow is excited to be apart of the New York Jets organization, after saying so 45 times in his press conference yesterday afternoon, well now he has something else to be excited about. According to the Davie-Brown Index, which measures celebrity marketability and Tebow landed in the #4 slot.

Tebow, landed at #4 behind; Oprah, Adele, and Kate Middleton. The survey measures over 3,000 celebrities including; trust, appeal, aspiration, influence. as well as sincerity, approachability, and experience.  Based off of their formula Tebow scored 180 points and moved him up 36 spots on the list ahead of; Will Smith, Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, and many more. He is also placed at #6 as a trendsetter, moving to the biggest media market in the country has definitely and will continue to help Mr. Tebow climb the list, imagine if he became a better Quarterback?

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