D!plo, “Look At Me Now,” Producer Calls Chris Brown An Asshole

Former UCF student and super Producer, D!plo, real name: Thomas Wesley Pentz, who has produced for the likes of Beyonce, Usher, M.I.A., Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Yelawolf. Had some interesting things to say about C Breezy, who he worked with on Brown’s smash single, “Look at me Know.”

I’m not a circuit-court judge or anything. He served his sentence. What else can you do? I do think he’s an a**hole – like, at the Grammys, he could have been more graceful. But he’s an artist. He’s good at what he does.

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Jeanius Thoughts:

I have to agree with D!plo here, I wasn’t one who crucified Chris Brown in the aftermath of his we’ll call it, “incident,” with Rihanna. Since then though he’s done such a terrible job of handling the situation. from calling people out who speak out against him for as he calls it, “trying to get attention, or “new twitter followers.” If he would act remorseful, had he done this in the beginning he would have already won his fans back, and MOST would be forgiven, but I guess he’ll do it his way….

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