Weekend Round-Up! Did Rihanna Do The Walk Of Shame From Ashton Kutchers? & Kim K. Gets Flour Bombed [W/ Video]

Apparently Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher have been “hanging out,” in the wee hours of the morning, and a woman gets arrested for “flour-bombing,” Kim Kardashian

Smash and Dash Alert!

Over the lovely weekend, reports have surfaced that Rihanna may be letting Ashton Kutcher hit that Bajan sticky center. She was seen going to Ashton’s love nest with security at 12AM and not leaving till 4AM.

I’m sure they could have been popping pop corn, drankin’ red-flavored kool-aid, or you know doin’ hoodrat stuff with their friends.

But for the sake of reality, they were probably playing a mean game of doctor. Apparently they been doin’ the do for about 8 weeks now.

Damn Drake, you stay losing with Rihanna, she is literally taking care of everyone BUT you. Go on and make another song about it.

Now I called this pairing the smash and dash because we all know that unless it’s Chris Brown, Rihanna is not a one-man-woman. And newly-separated Ashton is just dipping his little creamsicle into everything he can since he was on lock down with the dried-up skeletor, Demi Moore.  So go on RihRih do your thang while you still can!

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Baking Kim Kardashian!

While Kimmy was walking the red carpet for the launch of her new perfume, a french woman, tried to make some cookies with Kim Kardashian.

LMAO. Ya’ll stop making me laugh.


Lawd, forgive us!

The woman threw a bag of flour right on her as Kim was being interviewed. It was all caught on-camera of course. Knowing  the super-ghetto alter-ego that would have made it’s appearance if it were me, Kim actually took it well. She was rushed off the red carpet and cleaned up, stating “that was the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Now I don’t care for Kim Kardashian as a human-being, but no one deserves that. Apparently, the woman was representing PETA and Kim plans to press charges. (Check out the video)

PETA needs to have several seats.


\_ \_ \_

With the flour-throwing and paint-throwing all up and through, we get it, you’re all for the animals!

oh and p.s. the woman was arrested, while someone in Sanford, Florida is still throwing back beers in his living room for killing an unarmed teen. (-_-).

That’s all the juice for this weekend.

Until next time america.

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