Dwyane Wade Questions Dwight Howard’s Loyalty, Saying “Loyalty Hahaha”


Dwight Howard is remaining loyal to the team that drafted him, staying in Orlando — at least for another year. Dwyane Wade took to Twitter on Thursday to express his opinion on what is assumed Howard’s decision to stay, tweeting:


When I first saw this I assumed he was talking about Howard’s decision to waive his early termination option, but as Yahoo! Sports points out, it could be directed at another NBA player:


I agree with Wade’s tweet and like Jack’s kind words. I agree with what Yahoo! Sports said that in this day in age the loyalty from a professional athlete to a team is nearly non-existent, not necessarily saying it doesn’t exist at all, however. There are a variety of reasons that will sway an athlete into leaving or staying somewhere. With that being said, it’s really admirable to see Howard to waive that ETO and stay.

This is coming after a night in which I was furious with Howard, not for wanting to leave, but for the way he handled it. I made a point on my Twitter saying that with the type of training Howard has received regarding how he handles himself in the media, this type of fiasco shouldn’t have happened.

Ryan Totka, the founder of Stay Dwight, said it best during an interview on ESPN Radio in Orlando that it’s a great short-term win for the city of Orlando, the team, and fans, but there’s still more work to do to keep him long-term.

As for Wade’s tweet, I’ve come down from hating him because that’s when I thought he was talking about Howard’s decision, but after knowing more about it, I understand it.

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