Is Dwight Howard Blocking A Trade To The Bulls?

There is a new twist to this ongoing, and at this point tiring Dwight Howard trade scenario. The teams on D12’s wish list just don’t have the pieces that the Magic are looking for, which has caused the Magic to attempt to talk to other teams. The problem, contending teams aren’t looking to “rent out,” the All NBA Center for the rest of the season.

The Chicago Bulls are interested in acquiring Dwight, but want a long-term commitment from him before the trade. Without it they aren’t willing to enter serious discussion with the Magic. The trade would involve some combination of 7 footer Omer Asik, Loul Deng, Carlos Boozer, and Joakim Noah. The Bulls would also take on the contract of Hedo Turkoglu.

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Apparently Dwight told reporters last week that he wasn’t interested in playing in Chicago as the city was too cold for his liking, which makes me wonder if he’s ever been to New York before? As it get pretty cold there as well.

Jeanius Thoughts:
The only thing I can think of was his comment about wanting to be the go-to guy on his new team. It seems as if that’s the only thing he really cares about. If that’s the case New Jersey is his only option, if he goes to LA, Kobe will still be the man for the next few years, and if he heads to Dallas it will still be Dirk’s team for the foreseeable future. This whole situation is making Dwight out to be a pretty selfish person, as he’s handicapping what the Magic can do in a trade, which is a long way from his good guy image that he’s crafted during his time in the NBA.

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