Dwight Howard Trade Rumors Timeline

Here at Thoughts of a Jeanius, we have dedicated a great deal of time in bringing the latest Dwight Howard trade rumors to as many visitors as possible. The journey began all the way back in October, when Howard told Esquire Magazine, “there’s more you can do in a bigger market.” As we come up on the last couple of days before the trade deadline (Thursday 3 p.m.), we will take you through all the rumors to catch you up so when Thursday rolls around, you know what’s going on (Note: all the dates that will be mentioned in this post are according to when they were posted on Thoughts of a Jeanius).

  • October 18, 2011: As I mentioned above, Howard told Esquire magazine, “there’s more you can do in a bigger market. I’ve done so much […] I just don’t know what else I can do,” Howard said in this interview.
  • November 30, 2011: The New Jersey Nets prepare to offer a trade proposal consisting of Brook Lopez and two future first-round draft picks for Howard and Hedo Turkoglu.
  • December 4, 2011: Thoughts of a Jeanius visitors learn that Deron Williams will not sign an extension with the Nets. Skip Bayless of ESPN’s First Take, says on the show that he believes Howard will ultimately stay in Orlando, citing he would prefer to be the “big-fish-small-pond” over the pressure of being a “savior” in a bigger market such as L.A. or New York. Matt Barnes says he has talked to Howard and said Howard wants to be on the Lakers. Rumors surface saying that Chris Paul would welcome a trade to Orlando or to the Los Angeles Clippers, which as we all know is where he is now.
  • December 6, 2011: Then CEO of the Magic, Bob Vander Weide, announces at a press conference that he is resigning as CEO, handing that title over to Alex Martins. Details emerged that Vander Weide called Howard at about 1 a.m. intoxicated. Vander Weide expressed to Howard during this call how much the Magic wanted to keep him, Vander Weide later admitted he had a couple of glasses of wine before making the call.
  • December 10, 2011: Howard officially requests a trade from the Magic. Howard tells Magic GM Otis Smith that he’d like to be traded to the Nets. December 10 was a Saturday, the previous Thursday Howard met with Nets ownership in Miami. The following night, Smith gave Howard’s agent permission to discuss trade options with the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, and the New Jersey Nets.
  • December 12, 2011: Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel suggests the Magic should trade Howard to the Miami Heat for LeBron James, I agree with him.
  • December 14, 2011: Marc Stein of ESPN reports a possible four-team trade involving Howard. In this potential trade the Magic would receive Gerald Wallace from the Portland Trailblazers and Lopez from the Nets. Howard would have been sent to the Nets, along with Hedo Turkoglu and Chris Duhon.
  • December 22, 2011: Nets center Lopez is diagnosed with stress fracture in right foot. Lopez wouldn’t return until February 19.
  • December 28, 2011: Details on what the Magic want in return for Howard are released, basically stating that rebuilding is not an option.
  • January 3, 2012: Jermaine Dupri tweeted:

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