Waiter at Restaurant Shows off Peyton Manning Generous Tip, Then Terminated

Angus Barn via AngusBarn.com

Peyton Manning was in North Carolina a week ago and definitely made his presence in the Tar Heel state known. First the leaked video of Manning throwing at Duke University, then him attending a Duke basketball game, and now Manning getting a waiter at a restaurant fired?

Manning had dinner at the Angus Barn in Raleigh, NC last Friday (March 2) and left the waiter about a 27% tip on his $739.58 dinner tab which already included 18% gratuity. The waiter took home a $200 tip, then was fired when a photo of the tab surfaced on an NHL Hockey Forum.

Deadspin discovered the picture on the forum website, which was uploaded by a “friend of a friend” of the waiter who served Manning.

Via Triangle Business Journal:

[Van] Eure (owner/operator of Angus Barn) was livid when she learned about the check and said the server was immediately terminated. “This goes against every policy we have,” said Eure. “It’s just horrible.”

The Angus Barn has a long tradition of serving celebrities major and minor, and it’s a strict policy of the restaurant that their private dining experiences stay private. That was violated in this case, said Eure, who added that she intends to phone Manning to apologize personally.

At first glance of the story you are probably outraged that an employee would get terminated for something that seems like such a minor issue, but the waiter did violate restaurant policy, like Eure said. This kid better be hitting Manning up for more money after getting terminated.

The signature looks on point compared to the real thing:

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